mobility scanning with auto-filing and secure syncing of documents. Onboard, ashore, everywhere!


a paperless office environment, everywhere

The first document repository system that provides the capability to scan, digitize, organize, access and search within the contents of every document, creating a digital vault and protecting your knowledge assets.


UNIDOC Core Features

Optimized for the maritime business, easily installed, fully supported

scan, digitize and convert to info

Certificates, manuals, forms, booklets, tech files, regulations: A3 to business card size, auto-recognized. Any quality paper. No tear!

sync Ship2Shore, Shore2Ship, Office2Office

Auto categorized. Stored locally on scanner and/or our NAS. Schedule to sync, backup or archive on quite time. Encrypted transmission via SSH and optional AES 256-bit

share, collaborate, securely, anywhere

Securely disseminate and circulate info among employees. Easily -search and retrieve- anywhere. Searchable PDF, password protected, compressed, marker index processed.

Powered by the best software and hardware tools

Simplify digitization of maritime and construction daily operations. Secure document association and electronic distribution of corporate data

digitally process and organize your documents

securely stored on your private digital vault, integrated with your back-office software, easy to find

Fully supported by Issue Tracker, ProjectVIEW and all DANAOS applications, UNIDOC enhances team collaboration and secure association of paperwork, digitally

Addon Services

via DanaosONE Platform

Scan and automatically organize all documents based on a preset set of folders. Integrate digitized invoices, certificates, orders, manuals with the associated back-office modules. Easily trace documents via barcode.

Hardware Support

Fujitsu global partners network

Easily Search & Retrieve anywhere and everywhere within your private vault. Enhanced with our maritime business logic, turn data into useful information and content to context.

Security and Accessiblity

Synology NAS devices and software


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UNIDOC: Digitizing and Organizing your corporate data, securely