Features and Functionalities

UNIDOC is an onboard and ashore document scanning, file sharing, archivingsynchronization and collaboration system. Digitalized information is associated with a preconfigured set of folders and is stored locally, into scanner’s hardisks, further supported by Synology’s NAS.
UNIDOC enables automatic cataloging of each document while scanned and secure (crypt) sharing among company’s employees across multiple devices such as laptops, personal computers, tablets and smartphones.


1. Environmental Sustainability

Reductions in paper consumption
Energy savings
Printing device consumables

2. Increase

Regulatory legislation
(Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA,
Paperwork Reduction Act, etc.)

3. Collaboration

Reduce the amount of physical storage space
Confidentiality protection and personal data protection

4. Operational 

Dedicate fewer personnel to the paper management process
Easy search and retrieval (high quality data)


1. User profiles-PIN Scanning option

Assign user credentials for each folder, optional connection with active diretory

2. Ease of

Smart OCR scanning with automatic
association of each document to a folder based on a preset folder’s hierarchy

3. Ease of

ATM-like  operation. One touch application button.
Embedded Hard disks 500 MB. Synology NAS can be integrated to Cloud

4. Safety &

Documents feeder, any thickness, No destruction. Support 24/7/365, 3-4 days replacement everywhere.